I'm Starting a Blog and That's Not a Joke

Hi, my name is Kevin, and April Fools' Day might be an unusual day to start a blog, but this is not a joke, and I hope it's not foolish. So, here we go...

Welcome to A Certain POV Photography!

Let me begin by saying that I am an enthusiastic amateur/hobbyist photographer, and I love nature photography. I have been excited about digital photography for just over a decade, but I am still growing as a photographer. I plan to use this blog and site to discuss my love and passion for photography, share my photographs, and chronicle my photographic (mis)adventures, continuing education, and development.

Finally, I am from the state of West Virginia. I currently live in WV, and I have spent much of my life in my home state. This site will also be about my love for WV, and my explorations of the state through a camera's lens. (There are countless reasons why this state is called wild and wonderful.)

I have many ideas and plans for this site, but for now, I'm making this up as I go.